Eight Of The Best Rhubarb Cakes

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It’s rhubarb season and that means it’s time to incorporate the colourful, tangy fruit into your bakes.

I first fell in love with the flavour when alongside custard, in both warm, comforting crumbles and in the hard-boiled sweet form but there’s now a wealth of recipes out there to bring it into your baking.

The official rhubarb season is from March until June so there’s only a relatively short period to throw it into your creations and what I love is the fact it not only adds a sharp, cheerful taste, the bright pink colour also brightens up even the plainest looking cake.

One tip to pass over to you from several mis-matched recipes I’ve tested is that although you may think you have a lot of rhubarb to spare, once cooked it reduces to a far smaller amount – so you may end up with less than you need.

Another tip – if you have any left over, add to greek yoghurt, drizzle in honey and top with flaked almonds for a perfect pudding (or sweet snack at any time of the day).

So without further a do, here are my eight favourite rhubarb cake recipes…

1 Rhubarb Custard Tea Cake (by Eatlittlebird.com


Source: Eatlittlebird.com

2 Rhubarb Snacking Cake (by Smittenkitchen.com

rhubarb recipes

Source: Smittenkitchen.com

3 Rhubarb Cake with Crumble Topping (by Libertylondongirl.com

rhubarb cake recipes

Source: Libertylondongirl.com

4 Remarkable Rhubarb Cake (by Tinandthyme


Source: TinandThyme

5 Big Pink Rhubarb Cake (by Thekitchn.com

recipe for rhubarb cake

Source: Thekitchn.com

6 Rhubarb Amaretti Cake (by Kitchensanctuary.com


Source: Kitchensanctuary.com

8 Norwegian Rhubarb Cake (by Outside-oslo.com


Source: Outside-oslo.com



  1. Hopefully I can find rhubarb in specialty grocers/stores here (not common here in Singapore) ‘cos these rhubarb cakes look so amazing – I have to try making one soon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love rhubarb – all these cakes look delicious. I also love rhubarb in a crumble with warm vanilla custard.

  3. Kearin says:

    *Sigh* love rhubarb! will need to try some of these before the rhubarb is all gone on this side of the globe!

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