More than 90,000 sign a petition to save BBC Food before it’s axed

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 15.36.33.pngAs news of the BBC’s plans to axe BBC Food along with host of other services including Newsbeat, angry user took to social media to vent their frustration.

More than 90,000 people have also signed a petition on to try and block these plans and keep the food website running.

The reason for the BBC’s review of its services is to cut costs and make around £15million in savings, as required by the Government.

It’s part of an ‘Online Creative Review’ to make the BBC ‘a more focused and distinctive service’.

But with a library of more than 11,000 recipes, this move is a step too far.

The BBC says these recipes will remain online, but won’t be updated and will be hard to find.

The vast library offers free recipes to anyone accessing the site and advice on a wide-range of topics from healthy eating and celiac-friendly recipes to cooking in season and how to make the perfect summer pudding.

Culling the site is not only restricting us to an extremely useful resource, it’s also prohibiting people from accessing information on how to cook cheap, healthy recipes from scratch.

This completely contradicts the Government’s plans to promote healthy eating and reduce the amount of fast food and processed meals we all buy.

On top of this many people have pointed out that keeping the archive of recipes online is not a massive cost while axing it will push up the costs of obesity and could have a knock-on effect of putting more pressure on the NHS.

People across the country have flooded Twitter with angry messages about the cull:






James Harding, Director of BBC News & Current Affairs, said: ‘The internet requires the BBC to redefine itself, but not its mission: the BBC’s purpose online is to provide a distinctive public service that informs, educates and entertains.

‘We will stop doing some things where we’re duplicating our work, for example on food, and scale back services, such as travel, where there are bigger, better-resourced services in the market.’

Creator of the petition, Emma B, said: ‘This is a much loved and used website and a precious resource for people across the country providing easy, free and importantly independent information on a vast range of foods and recipe options.

‘The database provides inspiration for those with a few ingredients to come up with meal ideas and cook from scratch. When the government is trying to promote healthy eating, surely it is madness to remove such a comprehensive archive which has taken years to create, not to mention time and money.’

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