Banana Bread (With Coconut Oil)

I’ve always been a keen baker and my belief about cakes and everything sweet is that they should be made with butter in order to taste right. I know butter, sugar and anything else you’re putting into the cake aren’t diet-friendly or healthy foods but they’re not meant to be – cake isn’t promising to be a superfood, it’s a delicious treat to be enjoyed … Continue reading Banana Bread (With Coconut Oil)

Lemon And Rosemary Shortbread

Shortbread is a biscuit which no matter what time of day (or night) goes down perfectly with a cup of tea, glass of wine or large G&T. It’s light, crumbly and buttery and has that beautiful melt-in-your mouth texture if it’s baked properly. To lighten up the classic recipe, and because we’ve got an abundance of herbs in pots at the moment, I split the … Continue reading Lemon And Rosemary Shortbread

Free croissants (and another reason to vote IN)

As if you hadn’t noticed, next week we’ll all be going to the polls to vote to stay IN the European Union, right? But for those still on the shelf about what to vote (IN IN IN) the lovely people of France are sending croissants to Kings Cross St Pancras station next Wednesday  (22nd) to help you make the right decision. A group of friendly … Continue reading Free croissants (and another reason to vote IN)

This is what 500 free espresso martinis looks like

What more can I say – Shoreditch Grind in Old Street is five today and to celebrate they’re giving away 500 free espresso martinis. If you want to get your caffeine-starved mitts on one, head to the Old St branch for 5pm TODAY (Friday 17th June) – keep an eye on their Twitter page for updates. Fuelled by caffeine and booze, the party will then … Continue reading This is what 500 free espresso martinis looks like

A Gelato festival is coming to London

I love ice cream, you love ice cream, everyone loves ice cream and now an entire festival dedicated to the cold stuff is coming to London. To be technical it’s the Gelato Festival, the richer, creamier and all-round more delicious Italian version, and it’s back for the second-year running from 24 July until 3 July. There’s a range of unique flavours to try which have … Continue reading A Gelato festival is coming to London