A Gelato festival is coming to London

I love ice cream, you love ice cream, everyone loves ice cream and now an entire festival dedicated to the cold stuff is coming to London.

To be technical it’s the Gelato Festival, the richer, creamier and all-round more delicious Italian version, and it’s back for the second-year running from 24 July until 3 July.


There’s a range of unique flavours to try which have been made specially for the event and you get to taste and judge which one you think is best.

A range of sponsors have also created flavours for the event including; Nutella, Pernigotti and Cookies The Original.

It’s all happening at Spitalfields Market in East London and Gelato creators from all over Italy will be there serving up their sweet goods.

You can get in for free, but a gelato card – which lets you try all the gelato offer – costs £17 (£13 if you get it via Londonist with the code Londonist13).

If you miss the London event, the festival is travelling to several other European spots including Berlin and Valencia. The grand final will be in Florence at the start of September.

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