Salted Caramel Sauce

Sweet, sticky and gloriously gold with notches of salt running through, salted caramel is a wondrous, beautiful thing of joy.

As I’ve already mentions, several times before, salted caramel is something I can’t get enough of and would ideally like spread over every meal I eat.

It’s great on its own, with ice cream, baked alongside apple or with any kind of chocolate and having a pot in the cupboard could only be a good thing.

After Nigella introduced it to my world I’ve been obsessed and compiled a collection of my favourite salted caramel recipes here, but for now here’s my recipe for making a pot of the glorious stuff.


75g caster sugar

3 tablespoons golden syrup

50ml double cream

50g unsalted butter

3 handfuls of sea salt (ideally Maldon)

How to make…

First get two saucepans ready on the hob and measure everything out. Things change quickly when making caramel so you don’t want to be fiddling around trying to find the next ingredient while your nectar-like mixture is burning on the hob.

Pop the golden syrup and sugar into one and heat gently. Try not to stir the two if you can help it, the syrup will melt and as it does the sugar will dissolve into it.


After a couple of minutes go ahead and stir (very gently) and then leave the caramel to simmer for another two minutes until it’s turned golden, it should look a bit like this…


As soon as it’s reached this stage, take the caramel off the heat and throw in two handfuls of salt. A note on this – I like the caramel to be quite salty so if you’re not a fan then put less in.

Now in the separate pan warm the cream and butter until the butter has melted.

Once melted, which should take a couple of minutes, pour the caramel mixture into the cream mixture.

Whisk everything together for a few minutes until it’s nicely combined and there are no lumps. At first it’ll bubble up in an exciting yet slightly concerning way but don’t panic, it’ll shortly all come together in a glorious union.


Simmer the whole thing for a further two minutes and then set aside.

Now the next stage sounds weird but it works. Take a sheet of scrunched up baking paper and hold under your tap for a few minutes. Un-scrunch the sheet and place in a baking tray or a large dish.


Pour in the caramel mixture on top of the baking paper and then scatter with the remaining handful of salt.

Wait for the mixture to cool slightly then pop into the fridge. It’ll be ready to devour in about 30 minutes.





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