Classic Scones


Scones are a classic British thing to make and there’s nothing more welcoming or comforting than a warm scone topped with butter, cream and jam alongside a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Best of all, they’re easy to make and cheap, with only a few ingredients needed and 20 minutes of cooking and prep time before you can tuck in.

The key to scones is making sure they rise and to do this you’ll need to have a light dough (try and handle it as little as possible and sieve your flour), a hot oven (don’t open the oven during the cooking and make sure your trays are hot first) and cold butter (if it’s too warm pop it in the freezer first).

The scones can be frozen and defrosted whenever you feel in the need for one.


350g self raising flour

1tsp baking powder

A pinch of salt


150ml milk

A squeeze of lemon juice

How to make…

Preheat your oven to 220C/200fan and put two baking trays in. Measure out the flour , baking powder and salt and mix the dry ingredients together.

Cut the butter (cold from the fridge) into small cubes and throw into the flour mixture. Then use your fingertips to rub the butter into the flour until the mixture look like breadcrumbs.

If it gets too hot at any point and starts sticking pop the whole thing back in the fridge for a few minutes.

When you have a breadcrumb texture, make a well in the middle of the dry mixture and add the milk and lemon juice. Using a metal spoon stir everything together until it looks like wet dough and then get your hands involved.

Bring the mixture together into a rough dough and then put it into a floured work surface. Gently roll the mixture out until it’s around 3cm in depth and then cut out your scones.

I tend to use a straight cutter and I prefer smaller scones so have used a little one but feel free to go for a larger cutter or any shape you prefer. Take the trays out of the oven and place your scones on them. Brush them lightly with milk for a glaze and then pop them back in the oven for 10 minutes.

Once they’re done let them cool slightly before slathering with butter, cream, jam or whatever takes your fancy.



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