Five Of My Favourite Floral Cakes

I am a big fan of using fresh flowers to decorate cakes and it’s a very cheap way of making a cake look good. Fresh flowers can instantly make a cake look beautiful and they look far better than artificial man-made decorations (but please always check they’re edible before throwing them onto your cake). One of my biggest inspirations in floral decorations is Lily Vanilli … Continue reading Five Of My Favourite Floral Cakes

Iced Vanilla Doughnuts

A friend of mine and one of my old housemates recently got married in Stoke Newington (congratulations again Hollie and Jash!) and asked guests to bring along a bake for her cake table. The couple in question are extremely¬†creative and had made several beautiful decorative pieces for the day – including Jasiek decorating all the invites and Hollie making her own wedding dress! Therefore I … Continue reading Iced Vanilla Doughnuts

Sweet Potato And Cinnamon Loaf Cake

Autumn is my favourite season of the year and one of the main reasons is the baked goods on offer. Pumpkin is the obvious one but there’s also an abundance of other flavours, from classics like baked apples to those which are slightly less common, such as sweet potato. The flavour is similar to pumpkin but slightly more subtle so by adding in a sweet … Continue reading Sweet Potato And Cinnamon Loaf Cake

15 Of The Best Pumpkin Cake Recipes

There are few things in life I get more excited about than the crisp feel of walking over crunchy autumn leaves, the nights drawing in and my flat smelling of the warm aroma of baking pumpkin. Nothing marks the changing in season more and the run up to Christmas as baking with pumpkin and cinnamon and there are endless options available. To get you thinking … Continue reading 15 Of The Best Pumpkin Cake Recipes

Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts

I’ve always thought doughnuts were the kind of thing which are always easier to buy rather than faffing about with a pan of hot oil and hours of waiting for the dough to rise. that was until a friend of mine started making baked doughnuts. My good friend Sarah, who is quite the expert in this department, has now made varieties in pretty much every … Continue reading Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts