15 Of The Best Pumpkin Cake Recipes

There are few things in life I get more excited about than the crisp feel of walking over crunchy autumn leaves, the nights drawing in and my flat smelling of the warm aroma of baking pumpkin.

Nothing marks the changing in season more and the run up to Christmas as baking with pumpkin and cinnamon and there are endless options available.

To get you thinking about autumn here’s 15 of the best pumpkin cake recipes to indulge in.

  1. Pumpkin tiramisu cake (from thecakeblog.com)
Source: thecakeblog.com

2. The ultimate pumpkin layer cake ( from cleobuttera.com

Source: cleobuttera.com

3. Chocolate pumpkin cake (from wildeorchard.co.uk

Source: wildeorchard.co.uk

4. Hazelnut pumpkin cake with nutella frosting (from chewandtaste.com

Source: chewandtaste.com

5. Pumpkin cake and proud of it (from Sarah Jampel on Food52.com)  

Source: Food52.com

6. Pumpkin cake with a nutty crumble (from Magdascauldron.com

Source: Magdascauldron.com

7. Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting ( from Amyshealthybaking.com)

Source: amyshealthybakes.com

8. Mini vegan pumpkin cake (from Wallflowerkitchen.com

Source: wallflowerkitchen.com

9. Spiced pumpkin cake (from benskitchenblog.com

Source: benskitchenblog.com

10. Pumpkin cake pops (from whatshouldimakefor.com

Source: whatshouldimakefor.com

11. Pumpkin cake cheese cake (from sallysbakingaddiction.com)

Source: Sallysbakingaddiction.com

12. Pumpkin espresso bundt cake ( From pastryaffair.com


13. Mini pumpkin cakes with hot cocoa glaze (from forbacon.co)

Source: forbacon.co

14. Cranberry pumpkin loaf cake ( from domesticgothess.com

Source: domesticgothess.com

15. Pumpkin and cinnamon cake with orange mascarpone frosting (from eversosweetblog.co.uk

Source: everysosweetblog.com

4 thoughts on “15 Of The Best Pumpkin Cake Recipes

      1. # 3 Chocolate Pumpkin Cake
        # 5 Pumpkin Cake
        # 7 Pumpkin Cake with Cream cheese frosting
        # 12 Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake
        Those four are on my to do list for this winter 🙂
        Thank you for your inspiration 😉


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