Seven Of The Best Mince Pie Recipes

It’s (almost) the season of all things Christmas and what says Christmas more than mince pies? I made my cranberry and apple mincemeat recently¬†and aim to spend the first few days of December making batch loads of mince pies to eat and freeze when unexpected guests arrive over the festive season (or to defrost whenever I feel in the need for one). What kind of … Continue reading Seven Of The Best Mince Pie Recipes

Banana and Cinnamon Fairy Cakes

When you add bananas to cake something special happens as no only does it become infused with the banana goodness, the texture develops a beautifully squishy feel. If you’ve got some bananas in your fruit bowl which are looking more brown than yellow, they will be perfect to use as when it comes to bananas in cake, the blacker the better. There’s thousands of different … Continue reading Banana and Cinnamon Fairy Cakes

Cranberry and Orange Scones

There’s nothing more delicious than a soft warm scone slathered with just-melting butter but if you want to give your scones a Christmas twist, orange and cranberry makes the perfect flavour. If you’re looking for something easy to eat on Christmas Day morning (or frankly any morning when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up) these scones are a real treat and are easy to … Continue reading Cranberry and Orange Scones

Six Of My Favourite Chutney Recipes

Autumn is a great time of year for making chutney to give away as Christmas presents. It’s relatively easy to make and there’s an abundance of flavours to choose from, from the classic apple and onion to more adventurous flavours such as beetroot and chilli. As a present chutney is perfect because not only is it extra special because you’ve put the time in to … Continue reading Six Of My Favourite Chutney Recipes