Six Of My Favourite Chutney Recipes

Autumn is a great time of year for making chutney to give away as Christmas presents.

It’s relatively easy to make and there’s an abundance of flavours to choose from, from the classic apple and onion to more adventurous flavours such as beetroot and chilli.

As a present chutney is perfect because not only is it extra special because you’ve put the time in to make it, it’s easy to make and delicious with a huge range of foods, notably cheese.

Here’s five of my favourite recipes, please share your own and let me know what other holiday presents you make.

1.Pumpkin chutney (by the



2. Apple and tomato chutney (from


3. Apple and cinnamon chutney (by


4. Cranberry, orange and walnut chutney (from


5. Beetroot and chilli chutney (from



6. Spiced tomato and courgette chutney




2 thoughts on “Six Of My Favourite Chutney Recipes

  1. Thank you saw this just in time. I usually send chutney home for the holiday and being in Hawaii I usually make mango mint chutney. That apple cinnamon however reminds me of Washington I think I’ll make that instead


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