Seven Of The Best Mince Pie Recipes

It’s (almost) the season of all things Christmas and what says Christmas more than mince pies?

I made my cranberry and apple mincemeat recently and aim to spend the first few days of December making batch loads of mince pies to eat and freeze when unexpected guests arrive over the festive season (or to defrost whenever I feel in the need for one).

What kind of mince pie you go for is really up to you and there are a lot of options around.

If you want the classic, stick with either Delia or Nigella’s recipes , to be guaranteed gooey mincemeat packed into buttery pastry cases every time.

But if you want to go a little off piste, here’s seven of my favourite alternative mince pies. If you’ve got a better recipe, or ideas about how you’d transform your mince pies, let me know in the comments section.

  1. Frangipane mince pies (from


2. Orange and pecan mincemeat (from

Source: Nessasfamilykitchen

3. Chocolate and cranberry mince pies (from What Olivia Did, guest blogging for Cath Kidston)

Source: Cathkidston

4. Eccles cake mince pies (from


5. Chocolate and cherry mince pies (from

Source: Littlepastrybox

6. Almond and orange mince pies (from

Source: verryberryhandmade

7. Chocolate orange mince pies (from Thecatswhisk)

Source: thecatswhisk

21 thoughts on “Seven Of The Best Mince Pie Recipes

  1. The frangipane mince pies sounds divine! I often find them way to sweet but this is a lovely selection! Perhaps it is time for me to make my own, I feel inspired 🙂

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