Christmas Party Cake Pops

Christmas is the season for indulgence in pretty much every form; cakes, chocolate, cheese boards, you name it, and what better way to celebrate the season than with cake pops?

We recently hosted a Christmas drinks party for all of our friends and with a tiny flat we had to think of clever ways to fit everyone in (it did get very cosy).

I made quite a few bakes but the one which went down the best was the cake pops. They’re easy (ish) to make and they’re even easier to eat as can be gobbled in one while holding a drink in your other hand.

I was sent some madeleines by Bonne Maman recently and while trying to think of something to use them for, decided to go for cake pops. While it’s easy enough to eat these light, buttery French sponges on their own, or with lashings of jam, using them as a base for my cake pops worked wonders.

The scallop shell-shaped cakes have a very delicate almond and vanilla taste so they are very versatile and as a genoise sponge is used to make them, they have a very buttery texture and won’t dry out. If you don’t have any madeleines to hand you could always use a leftover cake, or bake your own sponge cake, to use for the cake pop base.

Before you start making these, I have a word of warning….you need a lot of patience. There are quite a few phases and they aren’t something you can whip up quickly but they are worth it.


1 pack of Bonne Maman madeleines (or any leftover cake you’re looking to use up)

100g softened butter

500g icing sugar

25ml milk

200g white chocolate

25ml vegetable oil

Glitter for the decoration (I also used smashed up candy canes)

50 lolly pop sticks (you can get these from a cake shop – or Amazon)

How to make…

First make a batch of butter cream which will become the glue to sandwich your madeleines into the cake pops.

Mix the butter, icing sugar and milk together until you have a whippy, thick, creamy texture, this takes around five minutes with an electric mixer.

Next crumble the madeleines (or cake if you’re using it) into breadcrumbs. You can use your hands for this and don’t panic if the crumbs aren’t completely equal.

Stir the buttercream into the breadcrumbs with a fork until you have a sandy mixture and then take small grape-sized clumps and use your hands to make them into a smooth ball shape.

Put these onto a baking tray once you’ve got no more mixture left and then put the tray into the fridge for an hour or freezer for 20 minutes.

After this time, put baking paper onto another tray and get your lolly pop sticks ready. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave (watch it carefully) until it’s melted and then add in the vegetable oil.

You want the chocolate mixture to have cooled slightly before you start dunking your cake pops in so wait about 3-5 minutes before you start the next process.

Get your pops out of the oven and then take each lolly pop stick and dunk the end in the chocolate mixture and then stick them into the middle of the cake ball and return to the baking tray.

Then take each cake pop individually and cover it with the chocolate mixture, bash the pop on the side of the bowl a few times to get rid of any excess chocolate , sprinkle with glitter (or whatever decorations you’ve chosen) and then pop it onto the baking tray (which you’ve got out in preparation).

Once you’ve coated all the cake pops with chocolate and they’re all resting on the new tray, stick the tray in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.

Get them out again (stay with me now), blast the chocolate in the microwave to make sure it’s still melted, and then take each cake pop in turn and cover the side which was facing down on the tray with the white chocolate, and sprinkle the whole thing again with the glitter, or whatever sprinkles you have to hand.

Then return again to the fridge to set – you can put the pops into large mugs at this stage because 90% of the exterior will be set.

Leave in the fridge until you’re ready to serve (they can be made the day before but won’t last much longer).




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