Five Reasons Giving Up Booze For January Is Bad For You

It’s nearly the new year and that means it’s time for big changes and resolutions and for the first time in my 30 years on the planet I’ve decided to give up alcohol for January.

This is largely due to the fact I’m getting married this year in eight months’ time and am in need of a health boost to kick off the wedding diet.

As someone who is profusely against any kind of diet or lifestyle change which restricts certain foods or drinks, I’m pretty anti the whole thing but with the impending nuptials I’ve decided to give it a go.

For those that know my and my social (and work) life, this is going to be a tough challenge so I’ll start with the reasons why it’s ridiculous and I should give up now.

1. January is the worst month of the year to quit alcohol. It’s cold, really cold, and the only way to survive the month is by snuggling up with a warm blanket, roaring fire, good book and large glass of red.

2. Christmas is over. The initial onset of winter is a lot easier to deal with when accompanied by the run up to Christmas which starts with autumn, which means slow-cooked comfort food, golden sunsets and the beautiful colour change from green to every shade of red.

Once the last leaf has turned we’re then flooded with Christmas  (which really does get earlier every year) and comes with an excessive amount of celebratory drinks and get togethers.

But when January (and for that matter February and March) come along there’s little to look forward to when you leave and return to the house in darkness and the summer is so far away.

3. It’s a long month to get through. Factually it’s not any different to many other months in the year, but due to the fact everyone is depressed after Christmas, no one has any money and February is so much shorter, it feels a whole lot longer than it actually is.

4. There are worse things than alcohol. Cheese. Bacon. Doughnuts. Excessive amounts of macaroni cheese – if you’re looking to make a difference to your health you shouldn’t just be looking at booze.

5. Short-term bans won’t help in the long term. Cutting alcohol for a month is likely to make me feel extremely smug and holier-than-thou however there’s a BIG risk I’ll hit it hard in the early hours of February to celebrate January coming to an end.

However, despite these reservations there’s also a LOT of good in quitting alcohol to January (this will follow when I’m feeling more positive about the whole thing) but in the mean time please send inspiration, advice and motivation…


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