Day Four Of Dry January…

It’s day four of January and that’s four days of having no alcohol, after a six-week long binge before Christmas with endless Christmas parties and festive meet ups.

So far I am feeling pretty good. I have managed to get up early, make green juices every morning and even go to the gym twice – so far, so smug (yes I am feeling very holier than thou).

The papers are jam-packed full of articles about dry January, from the good (and bad) side effects to numerous case studies of people who have kicked the booze for a month or longer in some cases.

One which particularly stuck out for me is from Women’s Health with five women sharing their own personal experiences of Dry January.

From being more productive and losing 10 pounds to getting super-organised and having a clear head to process feelings properly, it gave me some inspiration as I’m embarking on it for the first time.

There’s also a lot about how the first and second week are the worst and may bring on fragmented sleeping patterns, tiredness and anxiety so watch this space…

I decided this year to quit booze in January as in nine months I’ll be getting married and needed something to kick me into action before the dress trying-on starts.

Along with cutting out alcohol, I’m aiming to make some positive changes to my lifestyle and diet all-round, not only to lose weight for the big day but also to make my life a little healthier for the long-term, and not just a month.

However, without wanting to be the voice of gloom it’s relatively easy to be good at the start of the week and with no social events planned so I don’t really have anything much to shout about.

As the month progresses I’ll let you know how I’m getting along and please share with me your experiences, tips and advice for doing it.

5 thoughts on “Day Four Of Dry January…

  1. Sugar seems to be doing it for me! Quitting it, I mean. It’s actually quite easy even for a sweet toothed comfort eater like me. With no agenda at all I recommend I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. Fingers crossed.


      1. Lighter, definitely. Also, my skin is better and I don’t overeat. Also, part of the whole thing is to eat more fat and less sugar and that’s actually quite liberating! There are lots of sweet things out there. And once you have it under control, you can indulge a bit. It’s not nearly as restrictive as it sounds.
        Hope you find whatever works for you. Happy new year!

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