I’m Not Sure About You Dry January

It’s day seven and apart from a few periods of sickness I can’t remember the last time I willingly went this long without alcohol, and it feels really good (spoiler; this is a very smug post).

In the past week the benefits have been almost immediate and it’s not been too much of a struggle not to reach for a glass of wine after successfully surviving the first week back at work in January.

Before my smugness gets out of control – I’m well aware it’s VERY early days and everyone’s good in the first week of January, and I’ve not really been tested yet as I’ve not had any big events to attend.

There’s also been some drawbacks and I’m still not feeling like the most healthiest version of myself there can be, here’s a brief run-down of the pros and cons of the first week;

I love you dry January;

  • My head feels so much clearer. Instead of being bogged down in a foggy haze of alcohol or a hangover, there’s a lot more mind space to get things done, be organised and enjoy what I’m doing.
  • I’m becoming healthier (and hopefully losing some weight). It’s much easier to eat healthy food when you’re not drinking or hungover. Once you’ve had a glass of wine it’s easy to convince yourself to go for a second alongside a packet of crisps (substitute for pork pie/sausage roll depending on location).  It’s also made me think twice before heading to our work canteen for 11am/4pm (or really any time) for snack breaks as I’ve had the time and energy to meal prep for the week so I’m armed with healthy foods instead.
  • Going to the gym is never, ever going to be a thing I enjoy but if I’ve had a good night’s sleep and am not hungover it’s a lot easier to drag myself down there, plus the smugness afterwards makes up for it.
  • I’m richer, well slightly, with a glass of wine coming in at £5 in London, it’s an obvious way to save some money

I’m not sure about you dry January;

  • I’m SO TIRED. As someone who loves to go to bed early (yes I have been asleep by 9pm on some nights) I’m not too bothered about going to bed early but it’s been a real struggle getting up for work in the morning. During the day I’ve also felt myself yawning and feeling in need of a nap which with eight hours sleep per night shouldn’t be happening. I’m told this is a side affect to my body coping with not having any alcohol – and reduced sugar.
  • My head hurts. At the start of the week I had a killer headache every day, despite loading myself up with water. This wasn’t nice, especially when trying to motivate myself for January, and it’s due to my body craving the sugar and alcohol it’s been used to for the past 30 years.
  • It’s stressful. As alcohol makes you relaxed, and having a glass of wine after work is a way to unwind, not having this has made me irritable, snappy and annoyed (sorry Rob). A friend gave me  a tip; downloading the Mindspace app for some daily meditation and fitting in time to do relaxing things each week that aren’t alcohol related. So today we’re off to the cinema and this week I’ve booked a yoga class (first ever class – wish me luck).


So that’s it so far, if you’re doing the same let me know how you’re getting along and if you’ve got tips for how to survive Dry January please share them.

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