27 Days Of Dry January (Almost There)

It’s been 27 days with no alcohol and I am not only incredibly smug about this fact, I also feel like a different person compared to a month ago.

After an extended festive season it wasn’t hard to turn down the alcohol at the start of January and now after almost four weeks I feel pretty proud of myself for doing so.

There have been a few wavering moments – an engagement party full of prosecco and a work event when I was handed (and certainly didn’t turn down) some pink fizz – but I’ve not had more than three drinks during the month and I’m very happy about that. My tip for drinking when you’re out is to get lime cordial and fizzy water as you can almost kid yourself it’s a G&T and you won’t get as much slack from your friends for not drinking.

The overarching benefit is having a clearer head and mindset. No longer have my days been clouded by an alcohol fog and I’ve managed to get more done than I usually do.

It’s much easier to get up and go to the gym in the morning, and instead of slobbing out in front of the sofa and netflix, I’ve had more energy to get up and do things, which means wedding planning is now in full swing and our living room has turned into some kind of manic craft workshop.

I’ve also lost weight – almost a stone (combined with cutting down on carbs and upping gym visits) – and my skin is a lot clearer, less inflamed and much calmer.

The downside is I’ve been a lot more tired than I usually am and staying awake past 10pm has been a struggle. But my sleep has been a lot more fulfilling and instead of waking up repeatedly through the night I’ve been sleeping for around eight hours and waking up feeling refreshed and not wanting to continually press the snooze button.

Going forward I’ve decided not to ban alcohol completely but to cut down and just keep it for occasions which require it. Birthdays, weddings, nights out – not week day nights when it’s cold outside so a glass of wine feels like a good thing to do.

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