Liz & Ed’s Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Being asked to bake a cake is always an honour, especially when it’s by one of your friends for an occasion such as a wedding.

It’s also something I still don’t really believe is happening, given that until a few years ago I’d only really made cakes at home when people came to visit and only dreamt of starting up a small business and selling my cakes.

Earlier this year my friend (and amazing photographer who shot our wedding last year), Liz asked me to make her wedding cake. Liz knew she wanted a semi-naked finish and so we got to work choosing flavours.

Elizabeth and Edward, Grange Barn // Leicestershire, UK // © Samuel Docker Photography 2018


Liz and Ed had tried the carrot cake with cream cheese and salted caramel icing I made for my friend Hugh’s 30th earlier in the year and knew they wanted salted caramel and went for banana on the bottom layer.

As it was a summer wedding, set in a marquee in a beautiful garden, the second layers we chose were a classic Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream inside, and then a lemon drizzle with cream cheese icing and homemade lemon curd for the top layer.

This year there has been lots of weddings, and I’ve made six cakes so far, therefore when picking the flavours for Liz and Ed I also arranged a cake tasting night at my house with two other couples.

I baked six different cakes and then a range of buttercream in different flavours and we all tried them (along with some prosecco) before nailing down the final choices.


Elizabeth and Edward, Grange Barn // Leicestershire, UK // © Samuel Docker Photography 2018

Liz had seen a cake by GBBO winner and baker extraordinaire Frances Quinn on Instagram and I used this as inspiration for the final cake. The beautiful cake by Frances is a summer explosion decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and an army of the cutest marzipan bees.

I followed Frances’s video and made some of these marzipan bees and they went down really well – the tips are almonds painted with edible gold – and the actual marzipan is flavoured with orange blossom so it’s a lot less sharp than the shop-bought stuff.

liz and ed 2

The wedding cake was a real success, and Liz told me guests on the day kept asking for more and loved the flavours.

Liz said: ‘I asked Becky to make our wedding cake and she certainly didn’t disappoint – it was absolutely delicious.

‘We had so many guests saying how amazing it was. Not only did it look just how I wanted it to, it also tasted so so good. I would highly recommend Becky, for weddings, birthdays, any occasions!

‘I was even craving for more after our wedding – I want it again!! Thank you Becky!’

This was a really fun cake to make and I loved baking and decorating it, thanks Liz and Ed for asking me and huge congratulations again on your marriage.


Photos by: Samuel Docker



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