Elli and Olly’s Wedding Cakes

Not all wedding cakes need to be stacked and it was a joy to bake Elli and Olly’s cakes recently, three different sized cakes arranged on cake stands.

The major benefit of baking cakes like this is there’s no need for dowels or the balancing act of making sure the cakes sit on top of each other and stack correctly.

Elli asked me about baking her wedding cake after sampling our friend Hugh’s carrot cake with salted caramel icing for his 30th earlier in the year.


This layer was already decided on but she wasn’t sure about the other two so I invited her over, with two other couples, and we had a night of trying out lots of different cake flavours and buttercreams (washed down with prosecco) to make the final decision.

The middle-sized cake was a chocolate Guinness, which is one of the most popular wedding cakes I bake. Although at first most people are put off by the fact Guinness is in the cake, you really can’t taste this in the cake and it just gives the whole thing a rich, fudge flavour and takes away the sweetness that comes with lots of classic chocolate cakes.

The top layer, another wedding favourite, was a light lemon sponge filled with lemon buttercream and a zesty lemon curd. This is a classic wedding flavour and I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like it.


I covered Elli’s cakes in Swiss Meringue buttercream as it gives a little bit of a finer, smoother, finish and the high proportion of butter in it, makes it a little more decadent than standard American buttercream.

I was so happy to receive this lovely review from Elli over on my Facebook page about the cakes:

“Just being on this Facebook page and seeing Becky’s cakes again is making me salivate an embarrassing amount.

“We were lucky enough to have Becky bake our wedding cakes – a carrot cake (with salted caramel), a chocolate guinness, and a lemon sponge – all of which were absurdly good, and so popular that I sadly wasn’t able to live out my dream of cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the weeks following – not a crumb leftover!

“She was also a joy to deal with, so many suppliers during wedding organisation take their time getting back to you, but Becky was always so prompt responding, suggesting ideas, and accommodating our tastes in the most delicious way possible.

“She’s definitely getting the call again at my next wedding!”


Photos by: Davina Paterson/Image Bliss Photography

Flowers: Siobhan Pilkington/La Belle Floral

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