Hugh & Portia

When two of your closest friends get engaged, it’s one of the most exciting things, and when Hugh and Portia married in November, I was honoured to be able to make their wedding cake.

After a beautiful ceremony at Hackney registry office, and a vintage bus ride over to the venue, the wedding took place at Clapton Country Club.

This was not only was a perfect London wedding venue – it’s also only 10 minutes away from where I live making it ideal for cake transportation.


On the morning I dropped of the cake and got a sneak peak at the stunning venue and a chance to see the beautiful bride before the day really started.

I also made a batch of cupcakes with some extra cake mixture for both the bride and bridesmaids, and groom  and ushers to enjoy on the morning while they were getting ready.

img_8880 2

The cake was three tiers covered in Swiss Meringue buttercream which I find works a lot better when it comes to transporting – as it’s not as fragile and susceptible to handprints as American – and looks a bit more special for these occasions.

The bottom layer was carrot cake, filled with cinnamon buttercream and a layer of salted caramel, the middle a spicy ginger cake with raspberry jam and butter cream, and the top a light lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream in the middle.

Hugh has sampled many of my cakes in the 10 years I’ve known him and picked these flavours, after a trial session back in the summer. They are bold but classic flavours and worked well as it was a winter wedding.


I loved making it and even better getting to enjoy it myself, and watch the other guests’ reactions to it (which were all very positive!).

Portia sent me this lovely review afterwards too…”Being a savoury fan, I wasn’t even sure I wanted a wedding cake – but after trying Becky’s variety of delicious sponge flavours, I soon changed my mind.

“We had so many compliments on all three flavours and needless to say they of course looked beautiful. Becky is professional and flexible to help you have the cake you want for the day.”


Photos by: Storyandcolour

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