From a Hackney to an E17 kitchen

This blog started in 2016 while I was living in a one-bed flat in Hackney, sandwiched in-between Clissold and Finsbury Parks. The kitchen was compact (to say the least) but we had three lovely years living there and many happy cake customers during that time. After getting married last year and outgrowing the flat we made the move to Walthamstow and now live in E17 … Continue reading From a Hackney to an E17 kitchen

Super-Charged Energy Bars

When it comes to breakfast bars, I’m of the belief that whatever you eat should give you enough energy to last until at least the 11am snack break, if not beyond. These breakfast bars will do this and are designed to give you an instant sugar hit (don’t opt for these if you’re looking for something low-fat) combined with a long-lasting energy boost. The ingredients … Continue reading Super-Charged Energy Bars

Mini Chocolate Guinness Engagement Cakes

When some of my lovely friends recently got engaged, as a present I made them some miniature cup cakes to enjoy at their engagement party. To give the cakes a little more depth I decided to go for chocolate Guinness with a cream cheese frosting and used mini muffin cake cases, which are slightly smaller than fairy cakes. This recipe is my┬áversion of The Hummingbird … Continue reading Mini Chocolate Guinness Engagement Cakes