Liz & Ed’s Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Being asked to bake a cake is always an honour, especially when it’s by one of your friends for an occasion such as a wedding. It’s also something I still don’t really believe is happening, given that until a few years ago I’d only really made cakes at home when people came to visit and only dreamt of starting up a small business and selling … Continue reading Liz & Ed’s Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Gin And Tonic Cake

If you’re looking for a way to merge your favourite drink with a light sponge cake, this is it. There’s a little gin in the cake batter and the icing, but it’s very subtle and not too overpowering (depending on how much you want). I’d recommend taste testing along the way until you’ve got an icing you’re really happy with and that’s not too gin-strong. … Continue reading Gin And Tonic Cake

Eight Of The Best Rhubarb Cakes

It’s rhubarb season and that means it’s time to incorporate the colourful, tangy fruit into your bakes. I first fell in love with the flavour when alongside custard, in both warm, comforting crumbles and in the hard-boiled sweet form but there’s now a wealth of recipes out there to bring it into your baking. The official rhubarb season is from March until June so there’s … Continue reading Eight Of The Best Rhubarb Cakes