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Here you’ll find a small section of my published articles and interviews…

This is Money/MailOnline:

‘I never predicted we’d have 20,000 bookings in the first two weeks’: Lauren Pears on the success of London’s first cat café and why she had to ban kids

80% of us don’t claim when our train is delayed – but I’ve got a simple solution

‘I started out trading video clips for phone battery at festivals – and now work with Unilever and Adidas’: Meet the 29-year-old entrepreneur selling people’s phone footage to big brands

Want to learn yoga from a pro or startup lessons at Stanford for free? The online courses that let you learn a new skill in your own time

‘We will lose our dream home because Nationwide won’t give us a mortgage unless we buy insurance from a provider that doesn’t sell it anymore’

Can an allotment cut the cost of fruit & veg?

Why I baked a wedding cake (and saved £430)

Swap Shops: How to get something new for nothing
Why I’ve started borrowing my neighbour’s car

Leaving London: Rookery Hall Hotel, Cheshire


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Croft Kitchen Pop Up At Vagabond

Why it’s always cheaper to get the Megabus

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The cheapest and most expensive universities in the UK

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