Mini Chocolate Guinness Engagement Cakes

When some of my lovely friends recently got engaged, as a present I made them some miniature cup cakes to enjoy at their engagement party. To give the cakes a little more depth I decided to go for chocolate Guinness with a cream cheese frosting and used mini muffin cake cases, which are slightly smaller than fairy cakes. This recipe is my version of The Hummingbird … Continue reading Mini Chocolate Guinness Engagement Cakes

Rhubarb And Vanilla Cakes

  It’s rhubarb season which means you have no excuse not to throw the beautifully bright pink fruit into everything you bake. I love the taste of rhubarb and inspired by picking out eight of my favourite rhubarb cakes I decided to make some for myself. As rhubarb is such a strong flavour it needs to be eaten with something gentle and here I’ve gone for … Continue reading Rhubarb And Vanilla Cakes

Banana and Cinnamon Fairy Cakes

When you add bananas to cake something special happens as no only does it become infused with the banana goodness, the texture develops a beautifully squishy feel. If you’ve got some bananas in your fruit bowl which are looking more brown than yellow, they will be perfect to use as when it comes to bananas in cake, the blacker the better. There’s thousands of different … Continue reading Banana and Cinnamon Fairy Cakes

Win some FREE cake – July competition

Dear cake lovers, It’s time for the next monthly FREE monthly cake competition on the blog. What you can win: The winner will receive a box of gin and tonic cup cakes (hand delivered by yours truly) to enjoy. I can deliver it within zones 1 and 2 in London only. If you do live further afield, I’m very happy for you to come meet me to … Continue reading Win some FREE cake – July competition