27 Days Of Dry January (Almost There)

It’s been 27 days with no alcohol and I am not only incredibly smug about this fact, I also feel like a different person compared to a month ago. After an extended festive season it wasn’t hard to turn down the alcohol at the start of January and now after almost four weeks I feel pretty proud of myself for doing so. There have been … Continue reading 27 Days Of Dry January (Almost There)

Chocolate Covered Flapjacks

Buttery, sugary flapjacks are indulgent enough on their own so adding a layer of chocolate isn’t really needed but that’s never stopped me before. The extra layer of chocolate finishes off this gooey flapjacks and takes them to the next level. Flapjacks are one of the easiest (and quickest) things to make as all you need is; butter, oats, golden syrup and brown sugar. They’re … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Flapjacks

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A cookie jar is something that one day I hope to have stocked at all times in case of emergencies, friends popping over unannounced or – let’s be honest – when I’m in need of something comforting and sugar-loaded to eat. There’s something ultimately reassuring about a cookie, which is oh so slightly larger than the British biscuit, with a softer and chewier consistency. The … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies

Twelve Top New Year’s Eve Cakes

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and that means it’s time to celebrate the end of another year and what better way to do so than with cake? Let’s be honest, the past 12 months haven’t been the greatest, from Brexit to Trump and a weirdly high number of celebrity deaths. But 2016 is almost over and to mark the occasion of a year passing, here … Continue reading Twelve Top New Year’s Eve Cakes