Rhubarb And Vanilla Cakes

  It’s rhubarb season which means you have no excuse not to throw the beautifully bright pink fruit into everything you bake. I love the taste of rhubarb and inspired by pickingĀ out eight of my favourite rhubarb cakes I decided to make some for myself. As rhubarb is such a strong flavour it needs to be eaten with something gentle and here I’ve gone for … Continue reading Rhubarb And Vanilla Cakes

Five Tips For Cake Baking Success

Over the years I’ve made several thousand different sponge cakes and they’ve not all turned out looking beautiful. In fact several have been total disasters which have had to be scraped into the bin in a rage and forgotten about over a strong gin and tonic. However, the trials and tribulations of making so many cakes means I’ve now nailed it down and can (almost … Continue reading Five Tips For Cake Baking Success