Peanut Butter And White Chocolate Flapjacks

There’s something rather beautiful about sticky, gooey golden brown flapjacks. At any time of the day they’re the perfect sugar boost and as they’re made from porridge oats they must be healthy…right? Here I’ve knocked the classic aside slightly and thrown caution and calories to the wind with the addition of white chocolate and crunchy peanut butter. They’re easy to make and the entire thing … Continue reading Peanut Butter And White Chocolate Flapjacks

Five Tips For Cake Baking Success

Over the years I’ve made several thousand different sponge cakes and they’ve not all turned out looking beautiful. In fact several have been total disasters which have had to be scraped into the bin in a rage and forgotten about over a strong gin and tonic. However, the trials and tribulations of making so many cakes means I’ve now nailed it down and can (almost … Continue reading Five Tips For Cake Baking Success

Matcha matcha everywhere

Matcha has taken the place of kale, spirulina and so many quinoa salads before it and has popped up across London in cafes, bars and restaurants across the city. Famed for its superfood qualities, the Japanese green tea is the next trend in healthiness and well-being and to celebrate its popularity a six-week pop-up matcha cafe is opening in Liberty from 20 May. The pop-up … Continue reading Matcha matcha everywhere